What Are The Two Types Of Wagers When It Comes To Horse Race Betting?

A horse race is the best sport that is in history. We can enjoy the race, and we can even bet on the game too, which is too much fun. It is a fun activity, but to learn about the bets, we have to give it all our focus to learn about them.

There are two types of wagers that come under horse race betting. Here they are:

  1. Straight wagers

It is when the bettor is betting on a single horse only. Here are its different types,

  • A win: It is a bet that we place on the win of a single horse. There are no conditions, and it is general as if the horse wins, you get to collect the money.
  • Place: It is the one that includes the bet on a single horse if he comes first or second. The chances are higher, but the money is lesser.
  • Show: It includes the bet of a horse when he comes first or second or third. The chances get increased, and the money gets lower in the bet.
  • Across the board: This type of bet includes the bet on three bets in combination. The bet is including the bet of win, place, and show all three. So the odds in this are higher, and the money depends on the winning decision.
  • Win/place or place/show: It is another combination bet that people make. Yes, it is a bit expensive too because it includes the bet of two types at once.
  1. Exotic wagers

In this, the person can bet on multiple horses. It is different than the straight wagers, and it has different types of bets too. In this, the person needs to have more skill and the stakes are higher too. Here are different bets that …

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